ATMOsphere is launching the world’s first natural refrigerant virtual trade show, taking place on 1st – 2nd September 2020. The event will be free to attend.

Be Part of the World’s First Global Virtual
Trade Show for Natural Refrigerants!

The LIVE event will take place over a 24-hour period, encompassing every time-zone, starting with Europe, the Middle East and Africa, followed by North, Central and South America, and finishing with the Asia Pacific region on September 2nd. The website will be accessible for one month post live-event.

During the 24 hour live event, exhibitors will be able to interact with participants through real-time chat, audio and video capabilities. Company delegates will be represented by personalised avatars of their actual images, making them easily recognisable to colleagues.

Easy to navigate and visually captivating, the Virtual Trade Show allows visitors to click through the exhibition halls, attend webinars, and network, recreating the feeling of a physical event.

“We are proud to announce a brand-new virtual trade show, which will be the first in the world for the cooling industry,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco. “It will bring hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals together to exchange and learn about the latest natural refrigerant technology solutions from the comfort of their home.”

Become an Exhibitor with a Virtual booth

Several booth options deliver various levels of visibility and prominence within the exhibition hall. Customize your booth with banners, media, brochures and interact with visitors real-time through chat, audio and video capabilities.

Standard Booth

  • Customized banners, logos, content, videos and documents to share
  • Live text, audio and video chat capability
  • Product Rendering
  • Premium booth prominence and placement within exhibition hall
  • Full visitor report
  • Logo visibility in pre-event marketing campaigns and website
  • Logo visibility in virtual lobby, exhibition hall
  • Personalized avatars for your company representatives

Premium Booth

  • Customized banners, logos, content, videos and documents to share
  • Live text, audio and video chat capability
  • Product Rendering
  • Premium booth prominence and placement within exhibition hall
  • Full visitor report
  • Logo visibility in pre-event marketing campaigns and website
  • Logo visibility in virtual lobby, exhibition hall
  • Personalized avatars for your company representatives

Tailor-made Solutions

Price estimate upon request

Have an entire exhibition hall and/or auditorium dedicated to your company, designed (colours and logo) according to your brand identity and products. Have a product rendering (1 per booth) and a welcome video for all attendees to see.


Live (prime-time): 3000€

Host a 1 hour (max) live webinar during peak operating hours, highlighting a case-study, product or a piece of research, and engage with hundreds of individuals from around the globe during a question and answer period. Live webinars are moderated by shecco.

Pre-recorded: 1000€

Ideal for company or product presentations, submit a pre-recorded video for attendees to watch at any time.

Private Meeting Room


Book a private meeting room for your company to access exclusively over a 24 hour period. Invite up to 30 clients or partners to participate in a video call or attend a private presentation.


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About us

ATMOsphere (owned by shecco) specializes in advancing clean cooling, with a focus on promoting natural refrigerant and sustainable HVAC&R technologies. We have planned and executed 60+ ATMOsphere conferences around the world, and manage three marketplace websites (R744.comammonia21.com and hydrocarbons.com) as well as the news website Accelerate24.news. We are also the publisher of Accelerate Magazine. We conduct and provide tailor-made research and publish numerous Guides.

shecco is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, with offices in Barcelona, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. Our team includes a global network of dedicated journalists, engineers and analysts who deliver news on clean cooling, natural refrigerants and sustainable HVAC&R, leveraging sources in industry, the end-user community, government and academia.


How many avatars can exhibitors can have at their booth?

4 avatars for Premium exhibitors and 3 for Standard exhibitors can be created, per company, but only 3 will be displayed at the same time to avoid overcrowding the booth. The other will be stored in the back-end, and once a company delegate logs-out, another can log-in. Other company representatives will have a generic avatar assigned (male or female).

What happens if I’m busy chatting with an attendee and someone else wants to talk, do they receive a notification?

Since the main communication channel is text-chat, it is possible for the company delegate to answer several requests at a time. However, when it comes to video calls, if the delegate is already on a call, the visitor will see that they are not available. Furthermore, if the delegate wants to go on a break, they can log-out and their avatar will disappear. 

The live event is 24 hours. If an exhibitor is not online, what happens if an attendee wants to communicate with them? Does the exhibitor receive a notification, and can they contact the attendee afterwards? 

Yes, attendees can leave a message at the booth, which will be sent to the exhibitor via email. The exhibitor will be asked to indicate a person who can receive emails when the booth is “unstaffed”.

What are the booth requirements and do exhibitors have to upload the banner ads?

The software provider will be directly in contact with exhibitors before the event to prepare the virtual booths. Premium exhibitors will receive a few templates to choose from in terms of booth layout/ design. The functionality of the booth – material you can include such as videos, product info, brochures – is the same for all.

How do we access the Virtual Trade Show?

The Virtual Trade-Show platform is a website, no apps or plug-ins need to be installed. It’s a user-friendly experience. Exhibitors will be able to access through personal login credentials, provided by the software company.

How long will the Virtual Trade Show website stay online?

The website will conveniently stay online for a month after the LIVE event, so anyone who missed the full-day event can access the website, view the booths, download material etc. But they can no longer chat live with exhibiting company representatives. 

Does the Virtual Trade Show replace regional ATMOsphere events,  such as ATMOsphere America or ATMOsphere Europe 2021?

No. The Virtual Trade Show was launched in response to major trade shows around the world being cancelled or postponed. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep business moving in 2020. The show will include expo halls, exhibition booths and webinar presentations. Whereas ATMOsphere conferences are based on panel discussions, thought leadership and market-trend analysis. 

How do attendees find our booth?

There is an exhibitor listing at the information booth and a search function, for easy navigating. If you are a Premium exhibitor, you get your logo displayed in the main Entrance Hall, which directly clicks-through to your booth.

How will attendees know about our webinar?

There will be an event program available at the information booth in the Entrance Hall. Webinars (as well as exhibitors) will be promoted during the pre-event marketing campaigns.

Who invites attendees?

Thanks to media partnerships around the world, attendees will be invited to attend for free through news channels, social media, internal corporate promotion and paid advertising. Anyone can attend by registering for free here: https://www.ubivent.com/register/ATMOmarket-virtual-trade-show-free-registration

Can interested exhibitors see an example of the exhibition area?

We have images available immediately and will be able to share a small demo video closer to the date. For the final clickable demo, the software company needs the final quantity of exhibitors and their booths/content uploaded, therefore this will only be available late-August.

What kind of material can we add to our booth?

You can upload marketing material such as catalogues, brochures and links. Premium exhibitors get 2 videos (mp4) and other videos can be uploaded as links. Standard exhibitors get 1 video and others can be uploaded as links. Premium exhibitors also get a product rendering displayed and when an attendee clicks on it, the image will show larger and product info will display. They can also chat live with a company representative about the product.

If the event takes place over a 24-hour period, are exhibitors expected to be online the entire time?

Ideally, one or more company representatives would be online and available to engage with attendees during business hours in their time-zone. If your company has offices in various regions, you are encouraged to coordinate internally to have someone available during numerous time-zones. If this is not possible, an attendee will not be able to chat with you live, but you will get their questions via email. In addition, exhibitors will receive a user report post-event.

Can presenters share-screen during meetings in their private meeting room?

The private meeting rooms offer a screen sharing as well as a whiteboard function. Imagine a Zoom meeting (but using our own integrated software), where everyone can enter by just clicking a button.

Is there a limit to how many files we can upload to our booth?

We recommend 20 files or links. The software provider will inform exhibitors on what format the documents must be in. The exhibitor will have the possibility to upload the files themselves through a configurator. The deadline for uploading files is August 10th (extended for last-minute exhibitors).

What type of information will be included in the user-report provided to exhibitors after the event?

Here are some examples of the information included in the user-report:

– Total registrations to the event
– Analysis of event participants (name, email etc.) *in accordance with privacy laws
– Visitor geography
– Visitors per booth
– Unique views per video
– Chat data

What time does the event start?

We will open the event just once for all participants on Sept. 1st at 10:00 CEST. The event will last 24h so until Sept. 2nd 10:00 CEST. There will be no shifted start for different time zones. The end of the event in this case is 10:00 CEST for all time zones.

What type of networking opportunities will there be?

There is a lounge area where attendees can connect and talk to each other. The lounge area will be managed by topics, and also have open discussion opportunities.

Does each avatar have chat capability or is it per booth?

Each avatar is enabled for chatting.

How do we register for FREE to attend the event?
How many videos can exhibitors showcase at their booths?

Premium exhibitors will be able to show 2 videos, and Standard exhibitors 1 video, as an mp4 on the main “screen” of your booth, but other videos can be added as links in the uploads section.

Do exhibitors have to register for the event through the main registration link?

No. Exhibitors will get access to the platform through their own personal log-in. They don’t need to register as a participant. Exhibitors must provide the contact details (first name, last name, email) of all employees that will be active at the booth. For colleagues with no active role, one generic log-in will be used. Only 4 avatars will be created for Premium exhibitors and 3 for Standard exhibitors, others will receive generic avatars (male or female).

Can we upload digital banners to our booth wall?

Yes, for all exhibitors. A 1600×900 pixels banner should be provided as a png file.

Is there a demo site to show exhibitors what the interface will look like?

Exhibitors will have access to the actual show platform before the event and will be able to upload documents through a configurator.

Besides the cost of the virtual booth, what other costs should we bear?

There are no other costs involved. Just your time on the LIVE day of the show and the preparation of booth materials, just like a standard exhibition. Actually, it is more cost effective than a physical show seeing as there is no travel involved, and the show site will remain active for 1 month after the LIVE event, meaning visitors can still download info from your booth. This is potentially more visibility than one could get through a physical show!

What can we customise at our booth?

Exhibitors can customise the booth template with their logo, colours and banners.

How will the LIVE webinars be scheduled?

The program will be scheduled for the whole 24h, this means there will be LIVE presentations e.g. at 6pm CEST that might not be seen by participants in the time zone of 3am.

Will the LIVE webinars be recorded and available for the rest of the exhibition?

The LIVE webinars will be recorded and available straight after the session until the end of the trade show (a.k.a. until 10am Sept. 2nd CEST). Furthermore, one day after the event (latest) ALL presentations will be uploaded again to the platform and available on-demand for 30 more days (called the archive period).

How do exhibitors handle chat requests at their booths?

While online, chat requests will pop-up in a navigation bar. If you don’t reply, it still shows up and you can contact the attendee later. You can also save all chats. When offline, one designated person from the company will receive an email with the request – visitors are prompted to include their name and contact info in the request.

On the day of the event, what will be the URL for exhibitors and attendees to log-in?

Access for both exhibitors and participants will be available on the homepage of the event website here: https://atmo-marketplace.com/

How long are the webinars?

Webinars will be between 30-60 mins, Q&A included (for the live webinars only). If viewers have questions after the pre-recorded webinars, they can contact the speaker directly at the info noted in the slides, or visit the company booth.

Will the pre-recorded webinars be available at any time during the trade show?

Yes, on-demand. And all webinars will be available 30 days after the trade show as well.

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